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This memorial website was created in the memory of our little angel, Rodolfo Antonio-Ostos Campos who was born in Whittier Ca, on August 22, 2004 and left this world to join the Lord on September 02, 2007 at the age of 3. We will always celebrate his beautiful life.

 My son was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on. He was a special surprise to Rick and I. Throughout my pregnancy we did not want to know whether I was having a boy or girl, we wanted the baby'a gender to be a surprise. On the day he was born my life changed entirly for the best, he had initiated be to the mommy club. I could never have imagined how intense I would feel about my son. To this day I could never find the appropriate words to describe how I felt about him.
He was named after my father and Rick's grandfather. We were told at birth that he had a heart murmur and that further tests were going to be made to diagnose any other pre-existing condition. The doctors had initially told us he had esptiens anomoly. He was kept in the NICU at Whittier Presbyterian for 4 days before they allowed for us to take him home. The doctors said that he was well enough to go home and that we would need to have follow-ups to monitor his condition.
  At about 8 days old he began to vomit and could not hold down his feedings. I took him to the emegency at Whittier Pres. They admitted him to the PICU and keept him for 3 days. They told us that he had caught a virus but he was okay to go home. That same day he had a terrible cough. I took him to his pediatritions office and it was there that he went into respitory distress. He was rushed to Whittier Hospital and the doctors were able to stablize him. He was transported to CHOC were we spent 3 weeks in the PICU. After being recommened for a heart transplant he was air lifted to CHLA were they determined that he did not  qualify for  a transplant. His diagnoses then was mild cardiomyopathy, ASD, and pulmanary stenosis. After  2 weeks of being at CHLA he was released and sent home.
 He spent the next 2 years with family and friends, leading a happy life.

(I will finish the story later)
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happy birthday   / Auntie Suzie Campos (auntie)
Today's your 9th birthday.. it crosses my mind how you would look as s handsome young boy..your cousin Jasmine reminds me a lot of you..your curly hair..your light complexion.. the way you both love to dance...a lot of similarities.. My heart still...  Continue >>
Happy B'day Angel   / Richard/Mandy Rubio
Our dearest Angel, Just a few workd to let you know that everyday you are thought of and feel you in our hearts.  Love you, love you always.  I think about you in my most difficult moments praying for your strengh.   Love you...  Continue >>
Hi Angel   / Mandy &. Richard (Cousin)
It's been a long time sweetie, but you are always in my thoughts and heart.  There is not a day that I don't think of you my Angel. Wake up and go to sleep thinking about you. Love you
A new year.   / Roxy Juarez (auntie)
Another new year without you my love, but your auntie finds comfort in knowing you're in a beautiful place filled with love with God.  You will never be forgotten...I love you Fofo!!!
wow> you guys are amazing making this site.   / Wendy Dorsey (friend of aunti suzie )
such a cute beautiful boy. he is with his maker now in peace and perfectness. god bless all ur efforts family
Missing you  / Roxanne Juarez (auntie)    Read >>
Missing you!!  / Auntie Suzie Campos (Auntie)    Read >>
Hello Angel  / Richard &. Mandy Rubio     Read >>
Happy belated birthday  / Roxanne Juarez (auntie)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Angel!  / Mandy Rubio (Cousin)    Read >>
HAPPY 6TH BIRTHAY FOFO!  / Auntie Suzie Campos (Auntie)    Read >>
Hi Angel  / Mandy Rubio (cousin)    Read >>
The L.A. Zoo  / Roxanne Juarez (auntie)    Read >>
Happy New Year!  / Roxie Juarez &. Family (aunite, uncle & cousins )    Read >>
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  / Roxanne, Douglas, Joseph And David (Aunt, Uncle & cousins )    Read >>
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